Our Mission

We create and pursue value that enhances the quality of life and the environment through offering products that contribute to the advancement of society.

With our original ideas and technologies, we create new value and reliable products.

We endeavour to maintain financial stability, and will provide prosperity for our workers and business partners in order to thrive in harmony with society.

Our Philosophy

We strive to deliver products that delight our customers through our professional work

We strive to create a working environment where everyone shares the joy of manufacturing

We deepen the mutual understanding of our business partners in order to achieve their full potential

Our 10 Basic Values for Innovation

  • Think out of the box
  • Think of solutions, rather than obstacles
  • No excuse - don’t accept the status quo
  • Set realistic and achievable goals that can be progressed immediately
  • Correct your mistakes immediately
  • Necessity is the mother of invention
  • Ask ‘why’ five times – find out the real problem
  • 10 people’s ideas are stronger than one person’s knowledge
  • Innovation is limitless

Our Vision

  • We nurture talent and an organisation that can become the future of manufacturing
  • We perfect our commitment to the quality and lead time of our products
  • We develop new technology and strive to help bring it to the wider market
  • We think outside the box and pursue the best manufacturing solutions
  • We achieve zero accident and create a comfortable working environment through our 5S activities
  • We are environmentally conscious and strive to contribute to the community
  • All our employees are expected to value their personal development and to be good friends and get the best out of each other
  • We respect and serve each other, and nurture individuals who can put others first

Words from our CEO

Words from our CEO

Taking a new leap with new challenges Taking a new leap with new challenges

Since the establishment of our company in 1966, Akioka has contributed to society by providing cast parts for construction machinery, machine tools and a variety of equipment. I deeply appreciate our customers' support, assistance and cooperation, which, since our establishment, has made it possible for us to continue on with our business activities.
Aiming to be of help and to create a better life of society through the provision of our products, Akioka will continue our renovation of production, quality assurance, supply system and marketing activities to reinforce organizational controls so that as many people as possible will be able to benefit from our company.

In order to continue being a "trustworthy company supplying truly professional and quality products," which is the belief of our founder for MONOZUKURI (craftsmanship), Akioka will take up the challenge of introducing new processes and technologies and provide value added products through collaboration with a variety of other industries. Moreover, as products of Akioka are utilized by society, our employees and suppliers can feel satisfaction both physically and mentally, collaborate with each other and be "responsible for manufacturing the products that our customers choose."

Last but not least, I would like to mention our resolve that Akioka will sincerely face any issues that customers and the market may have and create values and needs so as to become a company that can provide products customers can purchase with confidence.

CEO Akioka Masayuki

Corporate Information

Company Name
Akioka Co., Ltd
Akioka Masayuki
Office Addresses
Head Office
   8252-35, Otoshima, Tamashima, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama, 713-8103, JAPAN
Korean Office
  101-1207, Songjung 1Ro 20, Haeundae-gu, Busan, KOREA
Our Business
Manufacturing, processing and assembly of cast products
・Construction machinery components
・Hydraulic machinery
・Pumping products
・Agricultural machinery components
・Industrial machinery components
・Plumbing fittings
・Machine tool components
Number of Employees
95 (as at the 1st April, 2020)
Akioka Trading (Dalian) Co., Ltd
Akioka Casting (Dalian) Co., Ltd
Japan Foundry Society
Okayama Prefecture Foundry Cooperative
Okayama Prefecture Industrial Promotion Foundation
Tamashima Machinery Metal Industry Cooperative

Major Customers (in the order of the Japanese alphabet)

  • Construction Machinery
  • Itao Iron Works Co., Ltd.
  • Ohashi Kisan Co., Ltd
  • Kato Works Co., Ltd.
  • Kubota Corporation
  • KCM C orporation
  • Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd
  • Takeuchi MFG Co., Ltd
  • Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd
  • Hitachi Construction Machinery Camino Co., Ltd
  • Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra Co., Ltd
  • Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Cranes Co., Ltd
  • Taiheiyo Seiki K.K.
  • Others
  • IHI Agri-Tech Corporation
  • IHI Rotating Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd
  • IJTT Co., Ltd.
  • Asano Gear Co., Ltd
  • Asahi Rubber Group Co., Ltd
  • Ishida Co., Ltd
  • Iseki Kumamoto MFG Co., Ltd
  • Ushio Reinetsu Co., Ltd
  • AH Brake Co., Ltd.
  • Ohtori Kiko Co., Ltd
  • Okanetsu Industry Co., Ltd
  • Kansai Industrial Co., Ltd
  • Khosei Industry Co., Ltd
  • Kotoura Manufacturing Corporation
  • Koretsune Seiko, Ltd
  • Satake Chemical Equipment MFG., Ltd
  • Sato Chuko Co., Ltd
  • Sato Shoji Corporation
  • Satoh Machinery Works Co., Ltd
  • Sangyo Corporation
  • Sanyo Seira Kogyo Co., Ltd
  • Sugita Industries Co., Ltd
  • Sumitomo Nacco Forklift Co., Ltd
  • Sone Foundry Co., Ltd
  • Taisei Mfg Co., Ltd
  • Daisan Enterprise Co., Ltd
  • Dyden Corporation
  • Daihen Corporation
  • Toyo Shoji Co., Ltd
  • Niigata Seiki Co., Ltd
  • Nitta Chemical Industrial Products Co.,
  • Ltd
  • Nipponhoist Corporation
  • Hydro Gear Co., Ltd
  • Hiraiwa Iron Works Co., Ltd
  • Fukuyama Rubber Ind. Co., Ltd
  • Meiji Air Compressor MFG. Co., Ltd
  • Yanmar Co., Ltd
  • Yonago Co., Ltd
  • and others

Business Partners

Tanaka Machinery Inc.

Toshin Industries Co., Ltd

Kageyama Industries Co., Ltd

Konko-Shell Ind. Co., Ltd

Hokusei Kogyosho Co., Ltd

Matsushita Tekkosyo Co., Ltd

and others

How to Find Us

Akioka Co., Ltd

8252-35, Otoshima, Tamashima, Kurashiki-shi,
Okayama, 713-8103, JAPAN

TEL:086-522-7686 | FAX:086-522-7674

By Train

From JR Shin-Kurashiki Station South Exit

Approx. 15min. by taxi in the direction of Harbour Island
(Opposite the Athletic Park “Tamashima no Mori”)

Take the bus from No.2 Bus Stop “To Harbour Island District No.3”
Get off at Sumitomo Heavy Industries Main Gate (Sumitomo Jyukikai Seimon Mae, approx. 15 min.), then 10 minutes’ walk (weekdays departure at 7:27am, Saturdays at 7:29am).

By Car

From Sanyo Expressway Tamashima I.C., continue straight on to R2 in the direction of Tamashima, and then continue towards Harbour Island, for approx. 20 minutes.

How to Find Us Map

Company History

October, 1966
he company was founded by Akioka Teruyoshi in Kawairi, Kurashiki 
October, 1970
Akioka Foundry Co., Ltd was founded in Ouchi, Kurashiki (Capital ¥8,000,000)
Production by 2MM, FBS-2 type sand moulding production line
January, 1988
Factory was moved to Otoshima, Kurashiki
Production by APS-H4 Type, FBS-2 Type sand moulding production line
Started procurement from Korea 
June, 1989
Name changed to Akioka Co., Ltd(Capital ¥26,000,000 )
Introduced KSB25A crane type shot blasting machine
January, 1990
Introduced monorail type shot blasting machine
September, 1991
Introduced FBM-2 type moulding machine and
a high frequency induction furnace
Started procurement from China
Production line for no bake furan was added
Introduced OES analyser

Two Barinders were introduced
February, 1993
SB80 apron type shot blasting machine was introduced
June, 2003
New Mix Muller kneader machine was added
February, 2005
New Mix Muller kneader machine was added
June, 2005
Akioka Yoshinori becomes CEO
June, 2006
Small shot blasting machine was introduced
February, 2007
Opened a warehouse for imported products
June, 2007
Certified ISO14001:2004
October, 2007
Replaced low frequency induction furnace with medium frequency
January, 2009
Introduced two Barinder auto grinders by Koyama
March, 2011
Replaced FBM horizontal parting flaskless moulding machine with FBOX machine
April, 2011
Akioka Trading (Dalian) Co., Ltd was established as our Chinese subsidiary
December, 2012
Co-ordinate measuring machine was introduced
April, 2014
Created Casting Technology Department in the company
October, 2014
Upgraded OES analyser
Introduced MAGMA Casting Process Simulator
April, 2016
Two Barinder auto grinding machine by Koyama were
May, 2020
Akioka Masayuki becomes CEO