Our Business

We are able to meet the varying needs of our customers, from the production of casting materials to procurement, process- ing and assembly.

We strive to supply exceptional products, and also aim at offering the least total costs to the customers by applying Value Analysis and Value Engineering methods in the design and development stages.Since 1995, we have teamed up with our Asian partners in China and Korea, delivering products to suit customers’ needs.



We supply casting materials to wide variety of industries, including ductile iron, flake graphite cast iron, low alloy steel, and high alloy cast steel.

Materials we handle; FCD450~800, FCAD900~1200, FC200~300,
SCW400, special cast steel, aluminium casting, and all other kinds of castings

Finishing and Assembly

Finishing and Assembly

We offer integrated service as a casting specialist from planning and design stage through to machining and assembly.


We implement robust testing procedures, and are equipped with various testing tools such as co-ordinate measuring machine, ultrasonic flaw detector, composition tester and universal tensile testing machine. At shipping inspections, we inspect every single product, including those which were outsourced, to ensure Akioka standard quality.

Production and Sales of Cast Products

Sales Ratio

  • In house manufacturing (57%) 
    safety components・ high precision components・
    preparation for mass production overseas
  • Procured from partners overseas (35%) 
    structural components・low-strength components
  • Machine processing (8%) 
    machine finished and assembled by our business

Global Network

Stable costs and wide range of selectionOur global network allows us to better meet customer’s needs

If procuring overseas is more cost efficient, without compromising quality, we will assist our customers with overseas procurement.
Since 1995, we have teamed up with our Asian partners in China (Shenyang, Qingdao and Dalian) and Korea (Pusan), delivering low cost but high quality products that have always delighted our customers.
As a specialist manufacturer in castings, we are confident in our ability to select good quality products from overseas!
We also have an excellent back-up system from our own factory!!

[Overseas Procurement Division]

  • Stable supply of products with the same level of quality as our own
  • Securing of materials and processes which cannot be produced by
    our own factory
  • Selecting the process and the manufacturer to suit the product shape
  • Selecting manufacturer to suit customers’ needs in terms of cost and
  • Assisting customers’ overseas factories by sourcing locally
Global Network map

■Examples of cast products procured overseas 

  • Global Network1

    Counter-weight for excavator

  • Global Network2

    Hydraulic pump pedestal for
    construction machinery

    Automated sand casting
  • Global Network3

    Control transmission compo
    nent for excavator

    Automated sand casting
  • Global Network4

    Excavator component

    Automated sand casting

Monthly Output Capacity

Our own factory: 800t
We are able to supplement this with procurement from overseas, if customers’ needs require (Actual output in 2012: 400t) 

Our Products and Services

Production, processing and assembly of cast products

We specialise in the manufacturing of various products in small quantities including prototyping of just one unit.

  • Components for construction machinery
    Hydraulic machinery ・Pumps
  • Components for agricultural machinery
    Components for industrial machinery
  • Plumbing fittings ・Components for machine tools

  • Excavator components
    Excavator components
  • Vessel hydraulic valves
    Vessel hydraulic valves
  • Reducers for excavators
    Reducers for excavators
  • Plumbing fittings
    Plumbing fittings
  • Components for amplitude measurement (delivered assembled)
    Components for amplitude
    measurement (delivered